Crispy duck

Crispy duck is usually enjoyed with pancake, cucumber and hoisin sauce, so it is not often tasted in a tamarind sauce. Unlike the sauce in the prawn tart, this version is dark brown and syrupy.  The crispy skin, chunky meat, and sweet sour sauce make this a perfectly satisfying dish.


The best way to describe Phamous Kitchen is South-east Asian cuisine with a modern spin to appeal to the western palate.  Considering the largely anglo population in Balmain, this is a very prudent business decision.  Having said that, the food may not be what you will typically find in Thailand or Vietnam, but the flavours and, in particular, the presentation and service are top-notch.  In many ways, it takes the best of both worlds – no wonder customers have flocked in since the opening.

The RnB Diary dined as a guest of Phamous Kitchen

233 Darling st, Balmain, NSW 2041 

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